just keep passing

the open window

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Just Keep Passing the Open Window

The carpet’s funky in this old hotel

The garish promise hasn’t held up too well

Once upon time, up on a dream, up on a dare

But now we scuffle the long hallway threadbare

Comatose and alert, in perfect ratio

Without another glance, I pass the open window

Behold now, the window, the portal, the gateway, the scene

We observe all from this, our obligatory quarantine

We’re all garden varieties of homeless recluse

Sharing a bathroom of paint-peeling chartreuse

Another round of caffeine and codeine, here we go

Just keep passing the open window

And though the window beckons, we relinquish not our dreams

We ignore it, as we do manic laughter, or muffled screams

Rise up! Join us — the chorus of humanity’s Lonely Hearts Band

And arm yourself for this journey through Dante’s Disneyland

Just keep swimming! But avoid the undertow...

And pass the open window




Go read World According to Garp. Everyday is a choice to pass the open window.

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