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If I could find the words to tell you

Could you find the strength to hear

Did the years of lies we’ve been through

Make the damage too severe?

But come to the Heartland

Through the valley

Where dreams are free like rain

And arms surround the sadness

And only love remains


What would it take to wake you

From the darkness that you reap

You think you grip a buoyant clue

But it will drown you as you sleep


I keep walking on my knees repenting

Through a desert — a hundred miles long

But now refuse the anger unrelenting

And find a power just as strong





I was so inspired by Mary Oliver’s poem, Wild Geese, I knew I wanted to use some of the words in this song. It was a challenge actually to make it work, but I was very pleased with the result. Even though the verse of the song has a melancholy feeling to it, I find the overall message of the song very hopeful. Love WILL conquer all.

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