dripping slowly

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Dripping Slowly

By chance or design

The night we danced into the rain and

Stopped under the arcade awning

Full of thirst

I gave my best pickup line

And took your hand and felt your pulse

And tried not to sound to phony

Or too rehearsed

I watched your face for a sign

But I got drunk within your eyes and

Tried to back away

But tripped and fell head first

Sanctuary in their eyes, as lovers stare

A night, a flame, a light, a dream, and a heart laid bare

Into the night beside the candle sitting there

Dripping slowly

And as I searched for that sign

Scaling ice cliffs, wearing bedroom slippers

Wondering why the air had grown so cold

Attending School for the Blind

With fists in windshields, wristbands, roommates

Wondering why my mind’s so young and life seems so old

And breathing each passing tide

Eroding every memory cell still standing

Washed in the rain of mercy

Grace behold





Everything comes to an end; the candle drips until it’s done.

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